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We are also changes. Our behavior, dressing, talk and anything will change. But, some of the changes are good and some are bad. The result is depends on ourselves. In order to be a good person, first we need to think first before we do something or making any decision. Try to think the consequences that might be happen due to your action. Maybe you, yourself think that whatever thing you do is good but sometime it’s not good for the others. So, think of the others too and don’t be selfish. Do you know what the meaning of selfish is? Its not mean that you are selling fish but….the actual meaning is …….

Selfish: thinking only about your own needs or wishes and not about other people’s.

Now, you know the meaning right?? Clap for yourself. Haha! Never be selfish ok. Then, we proceed to the second step to be a good person. Try to do your best in whatever you do. In order to do your best, you need to put much effort. Do not hear of what other people say negatively about you but you need to think positively. People always like to judge the book by its cover. Maybe the cover of the book is not interesting but, the more important is its content. In conclusion, always do your best and put up effort so that whatever the result is, you will not regret because you know that you have done your best.
What is the third step? Ahaaa…Be patient. The third step is put in ourselves good attitudes. Do you know what attitude means is?

Attitude: the way that you think, feel or behave.

Wow, you are so clever! Clap once again for yourself. So, please give me one example of good attitude. Who want to answer, please raise your hand…ME!!ME!! I want to answer… Urmmm, I think respect the other people… Am I right?? Yes, you are right. That was a good example. So, we need to respect others especially our parents. Be a good child for your mom and dad. Then, they will be proud with you. Having a good child is the most wanted by all parents. Good not means only be good in education but be good in many aspect such as behavior.
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